Laser Vein Treatments

Laser Vein Treatments

Dixi’s Medispa in Shreveport, LA, offers GentleMax Pro Plus Laser Vein Treatments for spider veins and telangiectasia on the face and legs. This non-invasive, advanced laser treatment targets blood vessels with light energy, leading to their absorption and disappearance, promoting clearer skin. Suitable for various skin types, improvements are often visible within weeks, and results can last for years. Book your appointment at Dixi’s Medispa for smoother, clearer skin.

The GentleMax Pro Plus for Laser Vein Treatments effectively targets and treats a variety of areas, particularly focusing on:

This versatility makes it an excellent option for those seeking comprehensive treatment for both facial and leg vein concerns.

Benefits of Toenail Fungus Laser Treatments include:



Individuals seeking to reduce spider veins and telangiectasia on face and legs should consider laser vein treatments. Ideal candidates should have realistic expectations and be in good health.

Results from laser vein treatments can typically be seen a few weeks after the first session, with optimal results becoming more apparent after several treatments.

The results from Laser Vein Treatments can last several years, although this can vary depending on individual factors like lifestyle and skin condition.

There is no significant downtime required after Laser Vein Treatments. Minor swelling or redness in the treated area may occur, but typically subsides within a few days for most clients.

Before your laser vein treatments, you should avoid any sun exposure, tanning, and certain medications that can increase bleeding. Post-treatment, it is also very important to protect the treated area from any sun exposure and follow any specific after care instructions provided by your laser vein treatment specialist at Dixi’s Medispa.

During your laser vein treatment sessions, clients typically experience a light-snapping sensation as the laser pulses are delivered. The procedure is generally well-tolerated, and cooling methods are often used to enhance comfort. Laser vein treatments sessions usually last less than an hour, depending on the number of areas that are being treated.

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