Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

At Dixi’s MediSpa, we are committed to providing our clients with the most advanced laser treatments available. Our state-of-the-art GentleMax Pro Plus laser technology is known for its permanent, fast, and effective solutions for all skin types. Before your laser treatment, one of our qualified skincare professionals will carefully evaluate your hair and skin to create a customized treatment plan that best suits your unique goals and needs. At Dixi’s MediSpa, we believe in helping our clients look and feel their best!

Regular laser hair removal treatments at Dixi’s Medispa lead to long-term hair reduction, with results lasting several months. Treatment frequency varies by individual hair growth and area density. Some may need touch-ups for sustained results. Book your Laser Hair Removal at Dixi’s Medispa for smooth, hair-free skin.

The GentleMax Pro Plus is effective for removing or reducing hair in areas such as:

Benefits of Toenail Fungus Laser Treatments include:



The Gentle Pro Series, a top laser hair removal method, works for all Fitzpatrick skin types. Lighter skin types, absorbing shorter wavelengths better, are treated with a 755 nm alexandrite laser. Conversely, darker skin types need longer wavelengths and are treated with an infrared 1,064 nm wavelength.
While some clients notice a reduction in hair after the first few treatments, significant results typically become evident after several sessions as the laser progressively reduces hair growth.
After laser hair removal treatments, touch-up appointments are necessary as needed, typically once or twice a year, to maintain results and hair density.

This treatment generally involves no downtime, allowing clients to resume daily activities immediately. Some may experience minor redness or sensitivity, but this is typically short-lived.

Before your session, avoid sun exposure, tanning, or plucking or waxing the treated area. After treatment, protect the skin from the sun and refrain from any harsh skin treatments for a few days.
Clients typically feel quick, light snaps against their skin as they go through laser hair removal with the GentleMax Pro Plus. Treatment time varies based on the area, but generally is quick and efficient.
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